Demolishing and Renovating our Music Studio

The renovation of certain buildings or spaces starts with their demolition. If you are demolishing your music studio for renovating it then you will have to consider certain factors and follow certain procedures to complete the project within your budget. While considering these factors you should first of all sit calmly and plan the things you want to add or delete from the present structure of the music studio.

Demolished Room
Not our room, but it looks remarkably similar 🙂

Whether you want to demolish its entire structure or partial demolition can solve your purpose. Whether the demolition must be done mechanically or can be done manually. Whether you can handle the cleaning process and regulation of materials yourself or need the services of a professional company. Whether the submission of notification, permits, baits for rodents, safety plans and disconnection of utilities required to be arranged before starting demolition have been arranged. Whether, the cost of renovation can be reduced by recycling some of its demolished materials, going to be hauled.

After considering all the factors mentioned above you can easily plan demolition and renovation of your music studio. The cost of the project can be influenced by the following factors.

Size: The size of the part of your music studio you want to demolish for renovation as it can affect the cost of your project as it is calculated according to the area.

Asbestos: If any soundproof system is to be removed before demolishing the music studio then you will have to hire and asbestos investigator to discover and remove it as per the guidelines of Environmental Protection Agency or EPA. It will also increase your cost as you will have to pay the fee of asbestos inspector additionally.

Equipment: You will have to find out the kind of equipment you will have to rent and call quotes from different sources to have a brief idea of their effect on your project cost as normally they are charged for the length of period they are used. You can control your cost by returning it when it is not in use.

Length of time taken: The time taken in completing the project depends on the size of the music studio you want to renovate. It may take longer time if the area to be demolished and renovated is larger.  Using a reputable demolition company like Winnipeg Demolition would help to reduce the amount of time taken. It will also increase the cost of your project as you will either need more manpower or manpower for long time to complete it as soon as possible.

Paperwork: If you have to obtain certain licenses, permits and insurance before demolition, as per the rules and regulations of your state as well as notify utility companies even then you may have to spend some time and money before starting the demolition of your music studio.

Transportation of debris: In order to remove debris from the site you will have to hire landfill and haulage service. You will have to arrange them beforehand so that the debris can be removed as soon as possible. The cost of these services depends upon your location and the status of service provider.

Thus, demolishing and renovating a music studio can easily be within the budget if all the points discussed in this write-up are considered patiently.


The Money Problem: Musicians and Their Finances

What do you call a musician without a girlfriend or boyfriend? Homeless. Alright, it’s not that funny, but there is a lot of truth to it. Unfortunately. Most musicians struggle to make a decent living. It’s not easy to make a living playing music and it’s definitely not easy to make money and keep your integrity as a musician intact.

moneyWhile most of us respect musicians for never conforming to the norms society bestows on all of us, we fail to realize that chasing your dreams often times comes with a price. The music business is extremely competitive in itself, not to mention how hard it can be to find decent paying venues to play, or people to play your music to. That’s why, in this article, we will focus on providing a few tips and tricks for up and coming musicians and we will touch on the lives and everyday struggles of musicians and bring our readers closer to that world.  Whether it’s as simple as taking on an accountant for MYOB Services, or taking on a new social media strategy, there are plenty things you can do to take on the problem of money for starving artists or struggling musicians.

Most musicians nowadays underestimate the power of strong online presence. OK, you don’t want to be the next Justin Bieber (and thank God for that!) and post your videos on YouTube for preteens to watch, but did you know that one of the most famous alternative rock bands in the world at the moment, Arctic Monkeys, got where they are today because of the internet? Their fans made a MySpace fan page(yeah, this was some time ago) and their following just kept on growing.

On the other hand, there is no need to look down on YouTube either. YouTube is one of the most popular websites on the world wide web and people listen to music and watch videos there on a daily basis. Make your own channel, start by putting up covers of your favorite bands to get a decent-sized fan base and then upload your own songs – a good tune is a good tune and if it’s worth anything, there will be people who like it. Always provide contact and booking information in video descriptions, who knows who may be watching your videos?

Social media in general is a great tool for musicians, as are websites like Spotify and SoundCloud but nothing can replace eye to eye contact. Network – talk to club, pub, bar and cafe owners in your area, let them listen to your music and they may let you play there.

Another thing that’s frowned upon in the music subculture is playing in wedding and cover bands, but these bands make decent money and what’s so wrong with playing songs by your favorite bands to relatively large groups of people? Not only that you’ll get paid, this will also help you get rid of stage fright.

Stick To Your Guns – Be Who You Are and Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams

If you’re a young (or “old”, for that matter), struggling musician, always keep this in mind, whenever you’re having a hard time: Most people conform and give up on their dreams. You have been brave enough not to let yourself become one of them. You don’t get anywhere by just wishing to get there. Work hard, improve and most importantly, respect yourself for being bold enough to give yourself a chance. Never give up on your dreams. Someday, all the pieces will fall into place.

Moving from NY to LA: Our Story and Advice

We made it to La La Land! But we have some advice for anyone looking to take the same leap...
We made it to La La Land! But we have some advice for anyone looking to take the same leap…

So, you have decided to take a leap from the Big Apple to the City of Los Angeles and you are wondering how to do it, or what to expect when you get there. Well, to say the least, you can be sure it will be a whole different feel, different mode of operation and lots of sunshine. Still, you have to be prepared because the transition will not be easy but if you do things right, you will pull through just fine. Below are some tips for moving from NY to LA.

  1. Save As Much As You Will Need.

This is an obvious point but better safe than sorry right. The more money you have with you, the better chance you will have at making through any tough situations you come through before you actually settle. The right amount depends on whether you are going to crash at a friend’s place and won’t mind sandwiches and noodles for a few months or if you want to get your own place. When a person is moving, money goes real quick, especially on housing, so make sure you have enough money to last you at least six month.

  1. Plan Ahead.

When you are selecting a moving company from NY to LA, make sure you plan early because it’s a long distance, it will be a one-way-trip and you need to have everything running smoothly during the move. This means that you should hire long distance movers and make sure they have no additional charges that can surprise you after the move. You should only bring along the essentials to make the load lighter and invest in durable moving boxes to protect your stuff.

  1. You Might Need A Car.

LA is one of the largest cities in the US and you will definitely need a car to commute. No, this does not mean that there is no public transport, as a matter of fact; LA has the second best public transport after NY but harder to navigate. It will really be easier if you have a car. On that note, you should be ready for traffic. Yes, what you have heard about LA traffic is true so be ready to deal with it, a lot. Alternatively, you can live near to tour workplace if you want to avoid both driving and the traffic you will have to endure.

  1. Have Realistic Expectations.

This is one of the most populated cities in the world and you will get caught off guard, a lot. Of course, as a New Yorker, this is not surprising but you have to be ready all the same. Don’t forget that you are in a new environment, without the friend you left behind or even family so be prepared to cope. This is a decision you have probably thought about so maybe you want to start a fresh in your life and if that is the case, if you focus then you will definitely succeed.

  1. Do Not Give Up.

You are probably thinking Cliché. Yes, maybe, but working hard leads to good things so even if you have challenges, which you will be facing, keep in mind why you are in LA in the first place then move on.

If you follow these tips for moving from NY to LA, you will find the challenges so much easier and a lot more worthwhile. For all you know, once you are prepared, you might actually enjoy the whole process, who said moving has to be stressful, right.


How We Handle Business Abroad During Music Tours

We’ve been doing more and more business with our manager, planning travel and tours across multiple countries.  Once of the biggest issues we’ve come across is the issue of translation services for our contracts and negotiations.

So I’ve asked our Manager Mike to put together a little guide for the blog.  This is a bit of a venture from our usual ramblings, but I think it’s still pretty cool, if only in a “grown up”, professional sort of way.

Legal Needs of Translation

Going around the world playing music is a thrill, but different languages present complications.
Going around the world playing music is a thrill, but different languages present complications.

Translation of material from one language to another is often required for documents related to legal matters and businesses. However, there is no denying the fact that translation services can come in use in other industries as well. As the market becomes increasingly global, the need for language translation will grow exponentially all over the world.

The company that deals with music tours can also avail immediate benefits from a professional translation agency, which can help in making preparations for Translation Services for International Music Tours and associated tasks.

Why need a translation service for music tours?

It is, of course, because when a musical tour spans over several countries, there comes a need to have good communications between the organizers and promoters. Not only the need for effective communication arises between organizers, but also the media like radio stations, news locations, and on-the-field writers.

Since there is a lot of planning and organizing required to conduct a concert in a foreign country successfully, taking the assistance of a translating company can prove to be invaluable in saving both time and money.

In which areas are translation necessary?

Music tour staff: Many high profile music tour companies hire local individuals to look after multiple aspects of the tour, which may also include hiring local backup dancers, administrators, opening acts, etc. Not every local staff may speak the language of the international music to accompany. Therefore, the translator is required to facilitate communication and address all the requests in a language of their choice.

Music translation: Some artists are most comfortable when they can properly communicate with their audience to provide a better experience. Everyone might have heard at least once that artists often say something in the country’s native language to arouse emotions of the people; some artists even translate a part of their lyrics into the local language so as to blend in better with the crowd. This is another area where a skilled translator can efficiently change the language of the lyrics without the meaning getting lost in translation.

Handling the press and media: The image of a music artist must remain flawless in the eyes of media their fans. An international music tour company can benefit by having their breasts materials translated into the local language. During interview time, a translation service company can also offer assistance in explaining the questions. Other translation may involve advertising content, articles, press releases, etc.

Contracts and agreements: These are legal documents used by music tour company and others associated with them. Hiring valuable translator is necessary to maintain transparency and clear view about the legality of the contractual terms. This may help in getting a clear idea about prices, payments, personal requests of music artists, and everything else related to a legally binding contract.


Choosing the right translation services company is essential to ensure that all goes according to plan, and there is no chance of any misunderstanding. This is why one must choose the best translation company for music tours so that all goals are met seamlessly and without any hindrance.