How We Handle Business Abroad During Music Tours

We’ve been doing more and more business with our manager, planning travel and tours across multiple countries.  Once of the biggest issues we’ve come across is the issue of translation services for our contracts and negotiations.

So I’ve asked our Manager Mike to put together a little guide for the blog.  This is a bit of a venture from our usual ramblings, but I think it’s still pretty cool, if only in a “grown up”, professional sort of way.

Legal Needs of Translation

Going around the world playing music is a thrill, but different languages present complications.
Going around the world playing music is a thrill, but different languages present complications.

Translation of material from one language to another is often required for documents related to legal matters and businesses. However, there is no denying the fact that translation services can come in use in other industries as well. As the market becomes increasingly global, the need for language translation will grow exponentially all over the world.

The company that deals with music tours can also avail immediate benefits from a professional translation agency, which can help in making preparations for Translation Services for International Music Tours and associated tasks.

Why need a translation service for music tours?

It is, of course, because when a musical tour spans over several countries, there comes a need to have good communications between the organizers and promoters. Not only the need for effective communication arises between organizers, but also the media like radio stations, news locations, and on-the-field writers.

Since there is a lot of planning and organizing required to conduct a concert in a foreign country successfully, taking the assistance of a translating company can prove to be invaluable in saving both time and money.

In which areas are translation necessary?

Music tour staff: Many high profile music tour companies hire local individuals to look after multiple aspects of the tour, which may also include hiring local backup dancers, administrators, opening acts, etc. Not every local staff may speak the language of the international music to accompany. Therefore, the translator is required to facilitate communication and address all the requests in a language of their choice.

Music translation: Some artists are most comfortable when they can properly communicate with their audience to provide a better experience. Everyone might have heard at least once that artists often say something in the country’s native language to arouse emotions of the people; some artists even translate a part of their lyrics into the local language so as to blend in better with the crowd. This is another area where a skilled translator can efficiently change the language of the lyrics without the meaning getting lost in translation.

Handling the press and media: The image of a music artist must remain flawless in the eyes of media their fans. An international music tour company can benefit by having their breasts materials translated into the local language. During interview time, a translation service company can also offer assistance in explaining the questions. Other translation may involve advertising content, articles, press releases, etc.

Contracts and agreements: These are legal documents used by music tour company and others associated with them. Hiring valuable translator is necessary to maintain transparency and clear view about the legality of the contractual terms. This may help in getting a clear idea about prices, payments, personal requests of music artists, and everything else related to a legally binding contract.


Choosing the right translation services company is essential to ensure that all goes according to plan, and there is no chance of any misunderstanding. This is why one must choose the best translation company for music tours so that all goals are met seamlessly and without any hindrance.

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