Oak Trees vs. Palm Trees – A New York and LA Comparison…

Nothing like a California Sunset...
Nothing like a California Sunset…

The climate and soil conditions in New York encourage the growth of healthy and hardy trees that are able to withstand any diverse conditions. Los Angeles is classified as Mediterranean and is quite warm throughout the year, hence its association with several palm species.

Los Angeles is rich in its native plant and tree life primarily because of the habitat diversity which includes wetlands, mountains and beaches. The most frequently occurring and prevalent plant species and communities include chaparral shrub-land, coastal sage shrub and riparian woodland. The official tree of Los Angeles, though not a native tree species itself , is the Coral Tree, scientifically known as Erythrina caffra while the Bird Of Paradise( Strelitzia reginae) is the official flower of LA.

Native plants typically found in Los Angeles include matilija poppy, Giant Wildrye, California poppy, ceanothus, Coast Live Oak, sycamore, willow and chamise. Incidentally, the Los Angeles sunflower became so rare that it cannot even be classified as an endangered plant species. Date palms, Mexican Fan Palms, Canary Island Palms, California Fan Palms and Queen Palms are quite common palm tree species found in the City of Angels(LA). Of all these palm tree species, only the California palm tree is the native species.

New York has a diverse variety of habitats which include water and land and these play host to a variety of rich plant and tree life. There are quite a number of diverse floral species that are native to New York State, including Long Island. In spite of the rich variety, historically, most of the native plants associated with the State of New York disappeared as they had no more space to grow.

However some of the species that New York’s natural habitat plays host to include the Eastern Red Cedar, a tree belonging to the evergreen variety and it typically has two leaves. One of Eastern Cedar’s leaves, usually older, are flat and scale-like. The younger leaves of the tree are quite pointy and resemble needles.

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The boldness of east-coast Oak Trees will always leave an impression on me…

Its cone resembles a berry with a bluish hue to it. There are several shrubs and bushes that are typical of New York and they include the wild berry bushes and the Beach Heather, a relatively short shrub with minute leaves that have a woolly feel to them. The woolly substance helps the shrub to conserve whatever little water it has and ultimately helps it not to dry out.

Other shrubs common to the area include the Silky Willow, Witch-hazel, Goldenrod, River Oats and Jack-In-The-Pulpit, among several shrubs typical of New York plant-life.

The New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection (D.E.P) launched a tree planting project to reclaim the landfills in the area, which has lost much plant life over the years, due to city expansion, tree removal for long island, and other initiatives.. 35000 trees and shrubs will have been planted by the time the project is over and one of the plant species that will be grown is the butterfly weed as it tends to be quite attractive to butterflies as it has a sweet nectar substance. These plants and shrubs will be from the native New York flora and will be planted on top of the Fountain and Old Pennsylvania landfills. This will be an improvement on the environmental ecology as birds will live off the berries and seeds from these plants thus promoting a symbiotic relationship.

When considering the comparison it is important to note that the Los Angeles area has a lot of palm tree species associated with it. New York, however, due to its climatic conditions, is associated with evergreen trees, shrubs and bushes.



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