Wonderfully “Wicked” Weekend in NYC

Meg and I have just gotten back from a wonderful weekend in the big city.  While we have been big fans of the warmth and laid back nature of LA (“California Dreamin'” comes to mind), we also hold a warm spot on our hearts of New York City, especially around winter time.  There’s really nothing like Christmas in NY, so we wanted to take a bit of time off of our hardworking studio sessions in LA to enjoy NY in the crisp cold air.

And a “Wicked” Time it Was

Now that I’ve moved out of NYC I’m missing the quick access to the performing arts scene, including, of course, broadway theater.  Hence since I was back for a long weekend I had to make sure I kicked my visit off right and buy Wicked tickets
for a Saturday night showing.

I know its girly but Wicked the Musical is one of my favorite musicals of all time and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet.  I’ve seen it half a dozen times and I really like going back to see the new cast and crew whenever they bring some fresh blood in.  This time was no disappointment and I’m so glad to got the tickets when I did.  The house was packed and I’m sure it was sold out.

Let it Snow!

Well aren’t we lucky, the first snow of the winter happened just at the tail end of our trip.  It was sunday night and we made our way to see the iconic Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center.  While it was extremely crowded, it was also very enjoyable.  They had a light show on the face of the Saks Fifth Avenue building (which made use of christmas-style lights instead of the projection screen which we had seen in previous years).

The tree itself was beautiful as always.  So big!  I mean, one of its branches could have been plucked off and used as a standalone christmas tree.  All the while we were getting snowed upon by a light drift of snowflakes.  It was very cold, but still an enjoyable experience.  Can’t wait to get back there sometime soon (maybe in the spring or fall)!


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