What is A Graphic Designers’ Computer?

What is A Graphic Designers’ Computer?

While technology is awesome, it can be quite overwhelming. Especially if you are a graphic designer. What is the best graphic design computer to use? Should I invest in a Mac or PC? Where do I start from? All these are questions that you will need to carefully answer. Well, not to worry. We’ll tell you what our graphic designers’ computer is and maybe you too, can invest in it.

While everyone does a bit of photo editing, choosing to become a graphic designer will need you to have a computer whose processing power is high as the software for design are usually processor intensive. And while the choice of a graphic design computer will vary from one designer to the other, the basics – memory, processor speed, screen resolution, etc. – will always remain key in choosing one.

That’s why our graphic designers’ computer is none other than the Microsoft Surface Book. With an 8GB RAM, Intel HD graphics, the storage capacity of 128GB SSD and Intel Core i5, what more could we want?

The graphic design world has ranked this as one of the best laptops for graphic design. And, for a good reason. While it doubles as a laptop and a tablet, it’s an amazing machine even with a lower spec option that still gives you topnotch performance. The screen and display are superb which is essential for any graphic designer.

With this, you can detach the screen and use your Surface Pen to draw and makes solid sketches for your design work. The Microsoft Surface Pro provides you with much more than you can ever get from other laptops.

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